If you're looking for a Pinterest scheduler, Tailwind has a lot to offer! Get the skinny on this awesome tool in my honest review as a three year user.

Using Tailwind Pinterest scheduler (a review)

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I’ll start my Tailwind Pinterest scheduler review by letting you know that it is one of my most used blogging tools of all time. A quick look back online says I’ve been a member of Tailwind since August of 2015, but I know I joined before that . . . and I have used this tool like gangbusters since day one. I’ve also spent time on the phone giving feedback to Tailwind employees, who were genuinely interested in my opinion of the tool and how it was helping my workflow. Sure Tailwind is a business like any other, but I appreciated their curiosity. A lot changed since those days, and the Tailwind tool is even more useful now, which is why I’m excited to share my two cents.

If you’re a blogger that is active on Pinterest, you’re going to need a strategy (oh, and if you need a pinning strategy, check out our review of Pinning Perfect!). Once you decide on a pinning strategy, you’ll need a tool to help you execute, and that is what Tailwind does.

Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler

The Bottom Line

Tailwind is worth the money if Pinterest is any part of your blogging strategy. It’s relatively robust for the price, easy to use, and does what it’s supposed to do. The Tailwind Tribes are an important part of the value for me, and a great asset that no other scheduler has. You’ll need to invest some time into this tool (probably every week) if you want to see a return, so remember that when spending your hard earned money!

Is It Easy to Schedule?

One of the best parts of Tailwind is that it completely does its job in a way that makes sense. It’s a scheduler, and not only that, the format is a grid just like on Pinterest. Maybe I’m too literal, but I love the visual layout, and I’ve never had any problems scheduling. It has a small learning curve, but that’s to be expected. I believe the features are robust enough, in terms of being able to set a schedule, auto-queue, and then also specify times for pins. I also like the ability to pin to multiple boards at once and then shuffle my queue. No complaints here and Tailwind has knocked it out of the park with their easy to use format and utilitarian-but-not-sterile design.

In addition, you’ll get a Pin Inspector that shows your last 5,000 pins and how they performed (and you can analyze by dates). Basic analytics are shown for your profile and boards, and to upgrade is very expensive, so you will still need to use your Pinterest analytics. For a tool that costs $9.99 per month, I personally don’t expect extensive analytics. I’d also be inclined to go to Pinterest to see my analytics anyway, because what they offer is so robust and the numbers are not the same in my Tailwind dashboard. So I use Tailwind as a loose guide.

Value Added Features

Tailwind Tribes are an important part of what I really love about Tailwind. They are entirely different animal (I explain what they are and how to use them on my consulting blog here) though of course they are related to Pinterest. Tribes allow you to find groups of people with common interests (crafting, recipes, motherhood, business) and contribute pins to a group. It’s a sharing situation where you will pin from others and they will pin from you. It’s a great way to meet others outside your niche who pin all types of content and get exposure to new audiences. Note that 1) Tribes are an additional fee to use depending on how many you join and 2) many of the Tribe admins (myself included) expect reciprocation, so don’t join and pay if you don’t plan to spend some time here. I don’t spend a crazy amount of time in the Tribes each week, but I definitely put it on the schedule. I have seen good results.

Another Tailwind feature is Instagram scheduling (for an additional charge). I don’t use this so I can’t comment on it. My view is that I won’t pay additional money for an Instagram scheduler when there are cheaper ones out there. While I do post to Insta regularly, it’s more “fun” for me and not a significant part of my business strategy. If you use Tailwind for Instagram, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

While I don’t use Tailwind on my phone, I should mention that they have an iOS app in case you’re interested. Honestly I didn’t care for it when I first tried it out, so I can’t really review the app portion as it is now. I really don’t like to use my phone to schedule anything. I think it’s my gorilla fingers!

Browser Compatibility and Speed

Speed is specifically an area is where Tailwind struggles on occasion – and by “on occasion” I’d say about 10% of the time or less. For reference I am on a newer MacBook Pro, and I have moderate success on Firefox. Chrome is reliable most of the time with just a few speed issues, mainly while using Tribes. A year ago the speed issues were worse, but sometime in 2017 they must have done something because it has greatly improved. I do think Tailwind will work for you unless you have a Commodore 64, and if that’s the case, I’m impressed you’re even blogging.

Price and Discounts

Tailwind starts at $9.99 for bloggers and small businesses, and I believe in the value of the tool for that price. Tribes now costs money, and the plans start at approximately $6 a month.

Customer Service

I’ve always had pleasant exchanges with the customer service folks and they seem to be on the ball. I love that I can send a message inside the app (on my desktop), and get a response within a few hours. I really enjoy my interactions and appreciate the quick response. I only wish all of my other interactions with customer service were this good!

Affiliate Percentage

If you purchase Tailwind using our affiliate link, we will earn a 15% commission on the sale, at no extra cost to you. As always, since our only source of income on this blog is affiliate links, we ask that you use our link if you decide to purchase after reading our review. It’s a win-win!

If you are looking for a Pinterest scheduler, Tailwind has a lot to offer! Kick your Pinterest marketing up a notch. Learn how to use this awesome tool in my honest review as a three year user. #pinteresttips


$9.99 and up



Interface (Easy to Understand)


Compatibility & Speed


Enhances Blogging & Blogging Tasks





  • Very Little Learning Curve
  • Good Value for What it Offers
  • Tailwind Tribes


  • Gets Slow Occasionally, Especially When Using Tribes

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