Social Warfare is a Wordpress social share plugin that offers everything you need. Get a complete review and find out all of its capabilities here!

Social Warfare WordPress Social Share Plugin

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A few years ago I was on the prowl for a “new”  WordPress social share plugin. I’ve never been one of those fancy people that have their social sharing hard coded into their site, and at the time I was using something I’d been using forever. Which, I find, is the case with bloggers and their social sharing plugins 99% of …

Keep your database size down and speed up - reduce image size on your blog posts with JPEGMini! Here's my review of this useful compression tool.

Reduce Image Size with JPEGMini

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Have you ever tried a page speed tool like Pingdom for your blog? Because I have. And those tools are rabbit holes, my friends. You’ll get a report that looks like a bunch of gibberish and still be left wondering why the heck your website is slow. As a craft/DIY/recipe blogger, I have a LOT of images, and there’s one …

Review of The Food Photography Ebook

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From tips and techniques for beginners at food photography to camera and lighting equipment and camera settings you should use, including a full tutorial on both natural and artificial lighting, The Food Photography Book from Nagi of Recipe Tin Eats is an excellent choice for food bloggers looking to up their game. It’s earned the Blog 2.0 Seal Approval. Read …